The Atlas

Angular Hacker News

When applying for a job I was tasked with an interesting coding challenge, to remake the front page of Hacker News with a framework of my choice. I selected Angular 1.5.8. This serves as an MVP, Wireframe, and sample project all in one.

Watch the Skies

Watch the Skies is a Megagame - combining a board game, roleplaying game, and model UN all into one. In it, ~60 players come together, some as aliens, some representing teams of the nations of Earth, to try and survive, and deal with a first-contact situation.


During my time with Society of Grownups, part of what I was responsible for was trying to improve our hiring process. The premise of a Tic-Tac-Toe test arose from the thought having someone code a for a portion of the interview.

A Place in the West

A fan-made comic set in the world of Half-Life.

Language Learning Platform

The creation of an online language learning platform at Vista Higher Learning.


A website mockup for a Chicago-based voice actor / photographer.

Github Tree

A Google Chrome browser extension to be able to quickly browse the files within a Github repository. I contributed to the open source project to add support for private repositories with OAuth.


A website mockup for a local artist.