dreadkeeper, codeslinger, wordsmith, songweaver, gamemaster, and dreamwarrior

My name is Michael Pelleter and I build things.

I have been making web projects with the agency Upstatement since 2018, such as Tito's Vodka, The Trace and Up the Block, Covid Protocols, The Boston Symphony Orchestra, and dozens of other clients.

I also do freelance work, with clients such as The American Academy of Arts & Sciences, and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

I co-write, do some asset creation, financial managing, and do development for the comic Half-Life: A Place in the West, an officially licensed comic and the first of its kind to be featured on the Steam digital distribution platform.

I also do RPG Design and Editing, having put out a few small supplements of my own on itch.io. I also was hired to create a character keeper for Intergalactic Kammerjäger, and contributed a town and editing to Slugblaster. Beyond that I did editing for Crescent Moon, and became a full member of the team for the Crescent Moon expansion, The Exiles, where I am acting as lead editor, doing web app creation, leading some playtests, and so on.

I also watch a frankly absurd number of horror movies, and sometimes write about them on Letterboxd. I also run a Discord server where I've expanded on the technology with my own bot, called Shodan.

If you have questions, comments, or want to discuss new ideas or possibilities, please reach out to me at michael@mpelletier.net.