Project Description

This was a portfolio website for a Chicago-based voice actor, blogger, and photographer. This isn’t something that was ever actually built, so the design is closer to glorified mockups as far as things like text sizing and being “pixel perfect” are concerned.

The idea was scrapped before it went much further than an initial stage like this, as Keenan decided that he did not actually need a personal site. Instead, he created a technology blog called No Octothorpe and multiple podcasts.


I still really like this simple design. There’s a lesson to be learned about not going ahead with a project until it is actually ready to be a project - answering questions such as “What do we want this to do”, and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. That’s a lesson that came up a lot during my time as a freelancer. Still, it was a great experience.



Technologies Used

  • Adobe Photoshop