Project Description

When applying for a job in autumn of 2016, I was given a coding challenge that I particularly enjoyed. I worked on it over the course of about two days (~6-8 hours total), with the goal being to create a simple client for Hacker News, using a framework of my choice, and utilising the API provided by Firebase.

Please note that this is mostly a “proof of concept” and is not intended to be a “perfect” represenation of a recreation of the site. For instance, it does not currently support filtering on the main page, authentication / login, searching, posting, or the viewing of user profiles. Where applicable, I have linked to the live website.

There is some very limited Jasmine coverage, again, largely as a proof of concept. It also has some basics for Responsive Design. Again, it is not intended to be a finished project. I’d love to finish it one day, but for now, I think it serves a purpose as to showing what “something done quick” looks like when I take a stab at it.



Technologies Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Angular JS
  • Git / Github
  • Ruby on Rails