Project Description

Watch the Skies is a Megagame - combining a board game, roleplaying game, and model UN all into one. In it, ~60 players come together, some as aliens, some representing teams of the nations of Earth, to try and survive, and deal with a first-contact situation.

For my involvement in this project, a large portion of it was spent trying to figure out how to build a companion application, though I did also design and build the main website for The MegaGame Society.

But the premise was that there were a lot of people required to help run the game (~20) largely because of how manual many things were. The idea was to build an app that each team could use that would automate many of their activities and require less manual updating on both the player’s side and the control side.

There are a lot of interesting challenges presented by taking something that works well on paper and finding a good way to recreate it digitally.

The app was first used in June of 2016, and we will be continuing to expand it throughout the summer, culminating in a rather large game in August. The screenshots above are at least partially works in progress, but can show off some of the systems that we have built, including Messaging and Teams.

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Lead UX Designer / Lead Designer / Lead Front-End Developer

Technologies Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Angular JS
  • Git / Github
  • Ruby on Rails