• Github Tree is a simple extension for Google Chrome.

Project Description

Github Tree was a Google Chrome extension that added a small icon to the address bar (which only showed up while in a Github repo) that could be used as a quick navigation to jump to a particular file.

Github itself has a file browser but it requires a page reload at every level, where this plugin AJAXes in the structure ahead of time since we care about less information, which means you don’t get a page load until you actually select a file (jumping between folders then being nearly instanteous.)

I was originally attracted to this plugin because of the deep nesting that I was dealing with on multiple projects. At the time, however, everything I was working on was in private repositories, which the plugin didn’t support.

Forking the plugin, I set up the new Github Repo to work with OAuth and changed some of the code to account for the possibility of private repositories. Additionally, I removed inline styling in favour of an external style sheet.


This plugin was a lot of fun to work with, and tackling something that I hadn’t work with before (OAuth) in a practical way was great. My fork was never actually merged, and the project seems dead, but at the time of the creation of this new portfolio page (June 2016, two years after the project’s completion), I can verify that I still use it, and it still works as well as it did when I wrote it, which is in itself a great success.



Open Source Contributor

Technologies Used

  • Git
  • OAuth
  • Google Chrome
  • Github
  • Javascript
  • CSS